What it is to be

Our mission here is quite simple. We want to help entrepreneurs build their product, to take their idea, their vision, and crystallize it into form and function. We do this by following several simple rules:

  1. Fundamentals First

Strong engineering, plain and simple. Our company is founded and staffed by engineers, and we are dogged about creating great products that just work. We do not use foreign or outsourced labor - every line of code that we write is done so in the US and goes through extensive testing and review.

  1. Beautiful Branding

Every great company has a great brand, and in technology, your brand goes beyond just your logo. Your brand is the colors, the clicks and taps, the fonts, the iconography, the words. We are deeply invested in creating the most compelling user experience for your customers.

  1. Competitive Cost

Full disclosure - you will find other design agencies that will do better designs than we can. Here is a link to one right here. But you are a startup founder, an entrepreneur, a person with an idea, not a million dollar or even six figure budget. Our development process is streamlined to give you the best MVP at the lowest price possible.

  1. Constant Communication

The relationship between company and customer is just like any other relationship - communication is the key to success. The methodology that we employ involves effortless and accessible contact so that we can be sure that you are getting the product you want.